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Updated africa museum opens yet again this year the doors

The Royal Museum for Central Africa opens on december 8, 2018, reset the doors after a renovation of more than four years. The building was thoroughly taken in hand, but also the content is adapted, with a critical look at the colonial past.

The works started in October 2013 and were completed in april 2018. The first step to renovation, however, was given already in 2006, when the council of ministers the green light to put.

The original museum building from 1910 was restored and there was a glass onthaalpaviljoen addition, designed by Stéphane Beel. There, among other things, the museum shop and the cafeteria. Both buildings are connected by a hundred-meter-long underground tunnel, as the entrance of the museum.

Also the content of the museum is adjusted. While it used by a colonial perspective on Africa looked at, wants to be in the colonial time is now critical to expose.

‘The africa museum was established in 1898 opened to the wonders of the Congo and the “benefits” of the Belgian colonialism to show the world, ” says state secretary for Science policy Zuhal Demir (N-VA).

‘The splendor of this impressive building, hid for decades in the shadow of dehumanizing exploitation and ruthless coercion-especially early colonialism on the African continent has been cast. It is the merit of the new africa museum in that it is this harsh reality is not out of the way.’

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