Turkish onderwereldoorlog expanding to Delft

The Hague – the purpose of The unit The Hague, examines whether there is a correlation between a number of liquidations in the Turkish criminal circuit and a bizarre liquidatiepoging in Delft in april of this year. The violence is the result of a drug war, especially with Turkish criminals.

The getaway of the perpetrator(s) of the liquidatiepoging in Delft, on april 6 of this year, was the same day burnt out found in Heusden.

With a moordploeg on the heels and zig-zagging run to meet the bullets, to escape and survived a 55-year-old Iranian man on 6 april in Delft in the nick of time a liquidatiepoging. After the man out of his car and was stepped on and saw that an attacker has a gun pointed at him focused, he had to run for his life. If by a miracle, the assassination attempt on the Iranian failed. The getaway car was later burned out found in Heusden.

“We can confirm that we are seriously looking for a relationship, but do it out of onderzoeksbelang no further announcements”, let spokesman Dick Goijert of the unit in The Hague to know.

The liquidatiepoging in Delft is possibly linked to the murder of Mustafa Ates (50) from Vlaardingen, on 22 July 2017 was found dead in Rijswijk. It is one of the two or three murders of men with a Turkish origin in Rotterdam and the surrounding area in July and August of last year that related to each other. Also to this connection by the police in The Hague and Rotterdam looked at, in combination with the recent shooting in Delft.

In the last week for involvement in the murder of Ates, a Turkish carpenter from Vlaardingen which chores would do for criminals, again, two people arrested: a 51-year-old and a 46-year-old man from Delft. Previously was also a man from Delft were arrested.

A full-scale war broke out after a big shot within the Turkish mafia was robbed of about 250 kilos of heroin and one million euros. Ates would have secret “stashes” or storehouses for money and drugs built and under pressure, provided information to criminals about these places. The murders were retaliation for the robbery committed. A number of people involved out of fear for retaliation fled abroad. It is a complex investigation because suspects and witnesses did not dare to talk.

The parties involved in the conflict to act, especially in heroin. Turkish criminals do with the heroin trade mostly business with Iranians. The netherlands is increasingly used as a transit country of heroin. Last year was a record amount of heroin in the Netherlands is intercepted; the police drew even for the first time on labs, where morphine was turned into heroin.

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