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TRON begins to move on its own Blockchain for Ethereum to be Killer

a132c8844ddfd3b8b849f781f8373669 - TRON begins to move on its own Blockchain for Ethereum to be Killer

The Launch of the TRON Mainnets is an important milestone for the TRON Community to grow up. The euphoria and the expectations of the investors are large, so the successful Migration for all of the TRON is a Supporter, as well as for the course, is extremely important.

This is the Moment that the TRON has been waiting for community long-and entgegeg close is in a fever: The Migration of the TRON Tokens on a Blockchain. The TRON Mainnet, Odyssey 2.0, was officially released on 31. May to 12 UTC launched and initiated the first step to the 4 billion Dollar crypto-currency to move in a independent network.

So far, TRON delivery Blockchain as a ERC20-Token on the Ethereum, so that TRON could be a real “Ethereum is a Killer.” It is only by their own Blockchain, this Vision can become a reality.

The network will remain the majority of the month of June in the Beta Phase and the developers the ability to configure the wallet and the Browser before the network goes online. The actual Token-Migration takes place from 21.06.2018 to 24.06.2018. Token-holders, store your ERC20 Token on participating Exchanges so that you get an equivalent number of TRXs.

The Transition is expected to be completed at the 25.06.2018. This date call the developer also “Independence Day”, independence day, when TRON running on it’s own Blockchain and is completely independent from the Ethereum Ecosystem will be.

Justin Sun looks in this event, the most important milestone in the recent development of TRON (freely translated):

The independence of our Protocol is a crucial step to the next Phase of the Internet through democratisation and decentralisation.

TRON the company describes itself as the Internet 4.0 that through decentralization and the ownership of the data to all the user wants to enter.

Furthermore, Justin Sun, that will improve by the own Blockchain scalability strong:

Our Team maintains a high Standard of quality is maintained, while we are Blockchain to the Mainstream. The relocation of the TRON Protocol in the MainNet makes it easier for the developers of Ethereum, and opens new doors for better scaling, commercialization, and Express Lanes that are required for the global dApp-development.

TRON has generated an incredible Hype, but also the expectations of many investors on a very high Level moving forward. Through the carried out the Airdrop, with a clear Declaration of war on the Ethereum Community, and has been fires, competition support.

If TRON is able to meet the expectations actually fully depends on the next few days and the smooth move. We are excited and hope the will run for TRON.

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