Tom Waes to do it on the roof of the VRT

Tom Waes plays a game of ‘Break An Egg’ with Eva De Roo and there flows a remarkable confession on…

In her column, ‘Break An Egg’ invites Studio Brussel presenter Eva De Roo every time a BV in which some ‘I never’situations must answer. Those who are already in the situation, or it has already been done, should an egg against his head piece. Fantasize about a co-worker has he not yet done. His search history, he knew: “Embarrassing is that, when your laptop used to be something to search and all your search history is visible.” He is not talking about virtuous websites natuurlijk.De most striking confession followed afterwards: “I’ve already had sex on the roof of the VRT.” More he wants to not tell you about, but that he is not the only one, that’s for sure. “There is often gevogeld,” he laughs. Watch the movie here.

That Waes is a man who love to laugh, proves that he, with his world cup song “Dva Vodka”.
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