This they deserve for the NPO (and it is not the Balkenendenorm)

By Matthijs Van Nieuwkerk, we knew for a long time that he with a salary of 580.000 a grootverdiener when the NPO was. But there are more around, that significant amounts binnenharken in public broadcasting. That makes RTL News, which in the annual reports of the broadcasters popped up.

Dominique Weesie, Rutger Castricum, farmers are not bad in and of our tax dollars

In a summary they put the earners in a row. The broadcaster who ’special for everybody’ wants to be, the NTR, will pay to director Paul Römer an annual salary of 230,000 euros. Jan Slagter, Omroep MAX follows with a good readership of 219.000 euros, Jan de Jong (NOS) and Dominique Weessie (Powned) there are ample means both to 213,000 euros per year.

Especially this last one takes the RTL mind-boggling, given the fact that he is but eleven employees need to send. So, it was calculated that he per-employee that he manages more than eur 19,000 deserves, while, for example, Paul Römer per employee 659 euro deserves.

The study also found that in 2017 seventeen presenters in the NPO more deserved than the Balkenendenorm for presenters of 181.000 per year. Because they are not listed by name have to be, can be RTL only guess to who it goes to. After Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is according to them highly probable that the next highest salary of around 300,000 euros to RADAR-presenter Antoinette Hertsenberg. Other earners are likely to be Studio Sport-celebrity Tom Egbers, Twan Huys, André van Duin and almost certainly Rutger Castricum, the netherlands.

And most likely is the radio dj Giel Beelen in the eight months that he BNNVARA in service, a salary of almost 180,000 euro opstreek.

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