The are hectic times for Louis Flion

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Louis Flion will with his 20 years about our youngest Flemish singer. He already has a very busy schedule. In Kortrijk, he is studying Event Management, Music & Entertainment. He is now in his second of three years. The singer hopes that this study period for large events in Flanders to organize. Currently, he has exams.

Louis combines the full-time student with acting, music, writing, and interviews. In addition, he is also sometimes presenter, and he is showbizzreporter, said the singer to Ment on Sunday.
He forgot himself almost to say that he is a regular at the vloggen stores. For the good cause went Louis Flion also on an adventure in Rwanda. From 3 July are these adventures a weekly basis to follow on YouTube. Subscribe to the channel by Louis Flion so that not a episode to be missed!

Text: Nico Vanaken

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