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The 4 best movies of the week

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Stifle your fear of heights with the vertigo-inducing documentary ‘Mountain’, about the power of the mountain and the gravity conceited rpm that our counterparts there on out. The best films now in the cinema, selected by our filmrecensent Jeroen Struys.



At a great height.

If you don’t have a fear of heights, get you on the dizzying, adembene-pating images in this lyrical documentary about mountains and the crazy antics that people like to run. A must to have on the big screen to see.

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A quiet place

The tension of silence.

Rarely will it be so quiet in the cinema as in this horror film about blind aliens who sound off, and a family that them trying to escape. Who first cries, is seen.

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The death of Stalin

Subversive funny.

Prohibited in Russia, warmly recommended to us: in ‘The death of Stalin are men with power whacky ridiculous and ridiculously whacky. Putin took it personally, but the humor is very British, brought in by valves of actors like Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin and Jeffrey Tambor.

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Isle of dogs

Wes Anderson on his dogs.

With clingfilm to create a sea, with wadding a cloud of dust and with wool and iron wire dog: about 670 animators caught on to the hobby for ‘Isle of dogs’, Wes Anderson’s second animated film after ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox. It is a tribute to man’s most loyal friend and the Japanese culture, but especially a hondsdol adventure in Wes Andersonland.

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