Studio 100 used moving stands and special headphones for musical ’40-45′

For the musical ’40-45′ used Studio 100 moving stands. To the public a more intense experience, each visitor in the hall the sound via a special headset. “Through this innovative technology, there are also performances possible for the blind and visually impaired people with audiodescriptie, also a world first in the musicalgenre”, says founder Gert Verhulst.

The new musical about the Second world War takes place in a large musical arena in a meadow in Puurs. This temporary musical-arena is the new Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater, that later will be used for other productions.

The entertainment company from Schelle showed yesterday to the press a first glimpse of the moving stands. The technical concept of ’40-45′ with the moving stands is, according to Verhulst, “an absolute world first”.

The music for the play composed by Will Tura and Steve Willaert, is to respond by the 60-piece Symphony orchestra of Flanders. “Through headphones, the audience will get the music, the sound effects and the voices of the actors a more direct and more intense experience”, explains Verhulst. “The headphones allow us to be especially for the blind and visually impaired performances with audiodescriptie to organize. In addition, there may also be performances at the French continue, with the votes of the Flemish actors live audio.”

The construction of the Pop-Up Theater is progressing according to Verhulst prosper. At this time, the shell is ready and can be started with the finish.

’40-45′ is located in Antwerp, just after the First world War and during the Second world War. The premiere is scheduled on 7 October in the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater in Puurs. The musical has now been extended to 2 december 2018. There are already 155.000 tickets sold.

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