Sofie Lemaire lost Annemie Peeters off in the morning from Radio 1

The morning of Radio 1 will be starting this fall, otherwise sound. After four years of ‘The Gang’ gives Annemie Peeters the radioblok between 10 and 12 hours by Sofie Lemaire, reports the VRT.

In “The gang of Annemie” received Annemie Peeters every weekday, a central nieuwsgast with whom they, on the basis of a call, the timeliness discussed. The program runs until 8 June. Peeters himself continues to work for Radio 1 and works in the autumn to new formats.

Sofie Lemaire will be starting in september a new program to present. Therein she goes looking for all the answers on one (seemingly) small lives.

Lemaire is not the only new voice in the morning from Radio 1. Earlier announced the station that Karolien Debecker between 9 and 10 the torch over from Jan Hautekiet. Debecker presents a new socially-oriented program that, like Hautekiet along with the listeners.

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