Sesame street loses case Happytime Murders

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The company behind sesame street, Sesame Workshop, has an interim order lost on the marketing of The Happytime Murders. The studio behind that muppetfilm the announcement ’No Sesame. All Street.’ continue to use in the promotion.

The Happytime Murders, including Melissa McCarthy and Elizabeth Banks in the ranks, will be directed by Brian Henson, the son of The Muppets creator Jim. In a trailer that appeared recently, was a ejaculerende muppet show. The creators of Sesame Street were not happy that they are in the marketing of the film will be associated with the project, and accused The Happytimes Murders’ film studio STX.

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Just as when the news of the interlocutory proceedings became known, responded STX also after the judgment of a court in New York, through attorney ’Fred’, which in the accompanying photo of a muppet show. “We love Sesame Street and are obviously very pleased with the judgment underlined that it is always the intention of STX to the heritage of previous creations of The Jim Henson Company to honor it and at the same time a clear separation between the Muppets, Sesame Street characters and the new world that Brian Henson and his team have created.”

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