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Sergey Sevidov of game stars in the Interview: you created a multi functional cyber platform

The eSports industry is developing quite fast. Tournaments in the most important disciplines every year gather more and more viewers. Young player to step on the stage and in the shortest possible time to the real Stars.

Many Cyber-athletes take part in several tournaments and in the shortest possible time to real Superstars. Several countries have gone further and awarded an official Status for eSports, you put cyber athletes to ordinary sports enthusiasts, in terms of visa issuance, and a simplified control.

Nevertheless, the industry has many unsolved problems. Players will not receive their payments from tournament organisers. The relations have no clear structure between the actors: players, organizers, sponsors.

eSports needs a complex solution, which makes the industry to be transparent, with the Cyrebathleten allows you to collect funds for professional development and to allow investors the accomplishments of beginners and professional Cyber athletes.

The multi-functional platform Game Stars is a new ambitious project, the eSports participants in the market offers such capabilities. We spoke with CEO Sergey Sevidov about the solutions he and his Team offer the eSports market.

Sergey, how did the idea of Game Stars?

eSports competitions, especially Shows with their own organizers, sponsors and audience. As with many other public events held by the paying in the field of eSports is regarded as extremely well. On the other hand, if the organizers are counting incorrectly, and the budget limit is exceeded, this will be felt throughout the industry – I will explain why.

eSports has payouts a real Problem with the organization and prize money. It’s not about salaries, but to the prize Fund – funds to be included in a safety Deposit box and the winners wait. The industry was shaken in the last few years of major scandals, as the players waited for months, sometimes even years for payment.

A promintes example: The media published in the April news that the members of the Vega Squadron in Dota 2, not for $ 75,000 for her victory in the China Top 2017 Shenzhen tournament, which was held in November 2017. Six Months! Can you imagine that? In the last few years, many players were in the same Situation.

What is the price class, Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro-Level, we can no longer speak, when Teams from the upper League to get your winnings?

These things happen for years: It happens less now, but in the beginning, the delays of withdrawals of profits were often seen. The smaller the tournament, and the Name of the team, the more likely you will be cheated by the organizers.

The idea of our platform is based on two properties: We want that everything is fair and small Teams and beginners-cyber-athletes have the opportunity to focus from the beginning of their career on their passion and make money doing it. This means that sponsors will need to receive your advertising and the organizers of the prize money to pay off on time, and fair to the participants, even if it is only a small tournament for$ 100.

The Blockchain provides great security and is not manipulated

Why have you chosen the Blockchain technology for their platform?

Obviously, the Blockchain is inviolable and a Smart Contract can’t be faked. Many beginners Cybeathleten have only a verbal assurance, not actual contracts. As a result, victims can be of fraud of the organizers and of their own Manager who spends these few months on the beach of Thailand and the profits for themselves.

It means a lack of responsibility on the part of the owner of the team, and almost impossible conditions for the exchange to a different Team. The Blockchain technology allows, all processes are transparent and logically: transaction to be made in Tokens, the platform Smart Contracs, whose reliability has already been demonstrated.

If I were a newbie in the area of eSports, offering me your platform and how it differs from other projects?

As I have already mentioned, is the Problem of this industry that the unsafe conditions be throwing a bad light on this industry and, for example, payments are not on time or at all.

The platform solves this Problem with the help of Smart Contracts. Another Problem is the financial side. Only a small number of all the player receives a constant income from the tournaments. The Rest will have to place eSports with an additional work, the support of the parents, or to look for sponsors who believe in you.

Our specially designed Feature “cyber athlete ICO-functionality” makes it easier to advance the search for financial support to career development, all the Details are recorded in a Smart Contract. The whole System is Patreon very similar.

It is important to understand that eSports only includes athletes. Besides them there are also managers, sponsors, and advertisers. These relationships usually have no clear structure. The communication between the eSports-tournament players on the Game Stars platform is simple and clear.

There is the opinion that it is almost impossible to organize a tournament without greater support. This is partly true, because even a local tournament organization requires large investments and a lot of effort. The solution is our Game Stars platform, the Work-Through scenarios for the organization of eSports Events.

The official Game Stars Website offers everyone the opportunity to be a game star Pro. This is another feature of the project?

Let’s take a closer look at the distribution of the Token. The platform has its own Token, the game start Token (GST). GST – this is the platform Token from a Cyber-athlete.

Overall, will return a maximum of 500 million tokens in circulation. All tokens will be sold in the Token Sale. Token could not be sold, will be immediately burned.

At the same time the GST is integrated Token as a means of payment fixed in the platform. As in our paper mentioned, it is used for the following purposes:

1. Smart COntracts for Cyber-athletes.
2. Purchase of personal tokens of Cyber-athletes by the CICO.
3. The price of money transactions.
4. Participation fees for the tournament
5. Payment for the Cyber athletes that have been earned on the platform.

If you look at the list more closely, you’ll notice that 4 of the 5 purposes lead to a lack of Tokens. Tokens are only awarded to players who decide to transfer part of their revenues to crypto-currencies or Fiat money on exchanges. Thus, the number of available tokens reduces constantly and the price on the exchanges will rise.

Tokens will be issued within CICO, will be issued in a limited edition of 100 Tokens per player. Your goal is to support the cyber athlete is financially and beat then Profit from your winnings.

A clear Definition of success does not exist, you have to constantly work on the result

Challenges make us stronger. What difficulties has your project?

Fortunately, we don’t have any acute problems. The main goal is to tell all of the platform and its solutions, and to draw as much attention as possible.

But there are hundreds of new projects, which occur weekly in the crypto market and each of them promotes his ideas, and speaks of the uniqueness of …

A good project is not afraid of the competition. We are sure that people who are interested in eSports and the above-mentioned problems, join us and the opportunities we offer, will rate.

We have big plans for the future, but we can’t reveal at this time. We have concluded the initial phase of the project development partnerships with major stock exchanges, we present our platform for the major players in the crypto world.

The entire Team of Game Stars Development are not people who have gathered to launch the “fast for a ICO and then disappear with the money raised,” but a full-fledged, specially-recruited Team, whose members work full-time on the project.

As you may recall, we retained no Token for our Team, everything will be sold via the ICO. We have clear and far-reaching plans for the project development and support.

The ICO market is currently in a crisis, people handle new projects with caution, and only a small sum of money to invest, because there are too many fraud projects on the market. They were afraid to start the Token Sale during such a complicated period?

Any Start carries a gewissess risk. I have participated in many projects and I know to start the feeling of being in a market in which there is sometimes unfair competition. New projects make me alive, give me the Chance to come forward and enjoy the results.

If we talk about the ICO-market, see, and of course, we know how investors handle new projects currently. As Winston Churchill said: “wasted a good crisis turning never.” The advance phase was completed very quickly and we have found that people are interested in the project and you believe in it, just like we do. The Token Sale is now in full swing and the interim results are positive. My Team and I are sure that our project is very good, and the investors will notice it.

It is smart that you have used Churchill’s quote. Do you have a Credo, which you can follow in your personal and professional life?

Yes, I have one. People who work with me on our project, share it. It is a quote of the famous American writer, entrepreneur, and Coaches Anthony Robbins: “The road to success is always under construction. It is a progressive course, not an end to be reached“.

In my opinion, there is no clear Definition of success. To be honest, if you make your business, is very important. It is this lack of honesty in the eSports industry is to see more and more players are exposed to. I think our platform will support all those who have no professional players will help you or have the good fortune to find a Sponsor. You recognize the Situation all: When a talented, but unknown player works as a salesman in an electrical business, and his life unhappy. His vocation, however, is to participate on the big stage in a major tournament and to enjoy the support of the whole audience. We want to help with our platform.

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