Serena Williams launches clothing line

Serena Williams made this woe is not only a comeback on the tennis court, they also launched their own clothing line under the name Serena.

Serena Williams

“I am inspired by strength”, tells Serena to Harper’s Bazar. “My goal is that women feel confident and sexy feel in my clothes. The collection is very convenient and portable, but you feel very beautiful and good. So, everyone must feel. Since I gave birth to Olympia, I think a lot about that I want that she feels good about herself. She is already so strong and I want them to be themselves. That is the message that I have with my clothing line.”

Serena let Instagram know happy that her dream chasing is gone: “They say that everything in life is timing. I learned that already when I was eighteen and I quietly wanted to do with tennis to get to the fashion academy. Some were critical of that decision, but I had two loves: tennis and fashion. I had to find a way to coexistence. After fifteen years of rejections, I’m just harder to go to work and I learned what it means to be in myself to invest. The belief in myself made sure that my dreams could come true. come from I’m proud that I Serena can launch.”

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