‘Roseanne never wanted a second season sitcom

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Her ex-husband Tom Arnold says he was not surprised by her racist tweets, and checks her phone calls with president Donald Trump.

Roseanne Barr was never going to be a second season of her sitcom. That makes her ex-husband Tom Arnold.

The sitcom was this week stopped by the television network ABC TV, after Roseanne is racist had spoken on Twitter. They insulted an assistant to former Us president Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett. In a number of tweets, now deleted, had the actress about the muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes, in combination with Jarrett, who is of African-American origin.

Arnold, who between 1990 and 1994, was married to Barr and also once worked on the sitcom as a writer, says he is not surprised by the tweets. “It had to happen again,” says Arnold of The Hollywood Reporter. “They wanted that this would happen, if you like her tweets from this weekend are watching.

Arnold states that Roseanne’s bosses at the television network her phone had deal. “Get that phone out of her hands. They will these things are not on television to say, but give her a phone and she is a misguided missile.”

In the worst case, had a family and its servants the phone should tackle. “Someone should tell her that Donald Trump, not his own phone may have. He can say what he’s on Twitter, but someone else type it for him,” explains Arnold.

He also tells The Hollywood Reporter that he has a plan for a declaration for Barr had made. Therein could Barr her fans tell that they have less time on Twitter. But the people close to Roseanne refused the declaration.

“I had a whole explanation written for her a month ago, it read: “I take a step back, Twitter was fun, but now I see how much negativity there is, so I take away from social media and I hope that my fans do that too.’ If they do then all these crazy things had tweeted had they can point and say that they away had taken,” says Arnold.

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