Rob van Someren wants annual reanimatiedag

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Radio 10-dj Rob van Someren calls for an annual national Reanimatiedag. If the Somertijd-presenter, go Dutch from now on every first Saturday of June their knowledge and remediate in the area of cpr.

Rob van Someren

Saturday is the first edition of the Somertijd Reanimatiedag. The middagshow of Radio 10 comes with an extra weekendshow from 12.00 hours live from club Panama in Amsterdam, while the Red Cross together with the radio station on 31 locations in the country workshops we organize.

Rob van Someren came up with the action after one of his services to the police, where he part-time works. He has one to two ochtenddiensten a week before he was behind the microphone of Radio 10 creeps. “It regularly happens that I after a resuscitation to a colleague, say,” Had the partner but knew what that had to do in the first minutes after a cardiac arrest.’ When we came up with the Somertijd Reanimatiedag, we have launched on the radio and reacted to the Red Cross.”


Van Someren: “During the workshops, participants will learn in one hour the first steps they should take if someone falls down, to and with the placement of an AED and administer a shock. They are not a certified counselor. But we can help misunderstandings from the world. Many people think that chest compressions and ventilation is sufficient, but when cpr is really an AED is necessary to have the pump function of the heart to recover. There is a lot of ignorance.”

A unique feature of the theme broadcast on the radio is that Rob van Someren, the sounds and voice prompts of an AED. “That device starts with instructions to call as soon as it is turned on. The first thing you hear is ’keep quiet, check the consciousness, make the chest quite.’ By following the instructions in the broadcast to be heard, we hope to have a little cold feet.”


In the radio show is also an emergency posed by models. Rob: “We’re going from Panama to call 112. Then, in the broadcast all the portofoonverkeer between fire, police and ambulance to hear. It is a sequence of sounds that the detector will not normally hear.”

Goal by Rob Someren is with his action, the percentages of survival increase. “If it succeeds, within two or three minutes of an AED, the chance of a successful resuscitation eighty percent. The first steps are so incredibly important.”

Somertijd runs Saturday lunch only songs with 100 beats per minute. “Staying Alive by the Bee Gees has the perfect rhythm for a cpr to perform, just like Rock dj by Robbie Williams and The Best of Tina Turner. Music can help in such an emergency, though I understand that not everyone is the stress in a song to sing.”

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