Relief in Peru: Player to world cup

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ZURICH – The captain of the national football team of Peru, Paolo Guerrero, is allowed to participate in the world cup.

Paolo Guerrero

A judge from Switzerland, suspended the suspension of fourteen months from the striker for now. Sporttribunaal CAS that the punishment had been pronounced, had previously said the court’s ruling to respect.

The court is the appeal of Guerrero investigate further before making a decision. The consequence of this is that Paolo Guerrero is capable of at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia to play,” said a statement.

Guerrero was given the suspension for violation of the doping regulations. With him were at the end of last year, traces of cocaine found.

Previously had the international spelersvakbond FIFPro and captains of the world cup-opponents of Peru (France, Australia and Denmark) expressed their support to Guerrero.

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