Red Cross sends doctors to Gaza wounded

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GENEVA – The medical emergency in the Gaza strip with approximately 13,000 wounded is enormous and, therefore, sends the Red Cross, and additional doctors and specialists, along with other emergency supplies. Since march 30, there are so many wounded cases at the protests against Israel that the existing medical treatment that is impossible to handle, according to the chef of the international Red Cross in the region, Robert Mardini.

The body of the 23-year-old Naji Ghonaim, who was shot by the Israeli army during protests in Gaza.

More than 3600 people by the Israeli bullets hit. Many people have one or more surgeries to undergo and have long care is needed. Approximately 1350 people have because of the severity of the wounds three to five times be operated on. That means that there are about 4000 operations have to be performed. The half, teams will the Red Cross do, reported the relief organization. That will be in the Gaza strip for a temporary operations centre set up with fifty beds for patients.

The Gaza strip has an area of 365 square kilometres, and almost two million inhabitants, is one of the most densely populated places on earth. By the afgrendeling and blockages of this impoverished strip of land it is also known as the largest prison in the world. Palestinians argue along the fences around the strip against Israel that, in their eyes, their country occupied.

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