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Rebound on the crypto-market – it goes uphill

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The market is currently almost universally green. After a Test of the monthly low of the Bitcoin was able to write course finally back to positive Numbers. Among the Top 20, we have a surprising Performer in the 24-hour comparison.

A little suspected it was in the Altcoin-market analysis: The rates are going up again. As reported in the last 24 hours, almost all crypto-currencies in the Top 20 a positive increase.

Although the course is at the moment increases almost all of the “only” in the single-digit range. Nevertheless, we are in a Rebound.

The market capitalization of the largest crypto currency Bitcoin recently reached its monthly low. So the price of Bitcoin fell on the 29. May, 6.110,39 Euro. Since then, it’s uphill. With a 24-hours-increase of 1.73 percent, the price is currently moving at 6.474 Euro. In the 7-day review, it is still a Minus of close to 4 percent, in the monthly review Bitcoin is still 15 percent lower than a month ago.

Very Similar applies to the Ethereum course. Here, too, was on 29. May reached the month’s low of 440 euros per Ether. However, in the case of Ether it’s uphill since then. With a delicate lift of 1.93 percent in the daily review, the weekly loss was reduced to just under eight percent. The monthly Minus is currently at about 11 percent.

Also when Bankencoin Ripple (XRP) is currently all in the green. With a price of 0.53 Euro per XRP, the price could rise within the last 24 hours by 3.4 percent. Within a week of the loss of the Ripple rate is thus 0.1 percent a month back, this is a drop of 23 percent.

Surprising Winner: Bytecoin

Winner of the last 24 hours is among the Top 20 currently Bytecoin. So the rate could rise within a day to 13,26 percent on 0,0057€.

A tight head-to-head race for second and third place provide IOTA and Cardano. While IOTA was able to rise in the last 24 hours by 7.29 percent to 1.40 euros, Cardanos ADA bravely with a 7.87 percent in the 24-hour-a comparison on place 3.

At the moment, the crypto-Ecosystem, therefore, has a total market capitalization of 285,6 billion euros. The 24-hour trading volume is currently at 14.4 billion euros. With a total market capitalization of € 110.8 billion, Bitcoin holds 39 per cent, as before, the dominance.

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