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Paranoid Internet visited block show Europe

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Once a year, thousands of crypto-gather enthusiasts on one of the largest European crypto-Events, the much-publicized block show Europe conference. This year’s conference was attended by 3000 participants and 150 different projects.

The two-day event from the 28. up to 29. May, gathered over 80 internationally recognized speakers, including government officials from Central banks, the EU, as well as representatives of some of the largest stock exchanges in the crypto area. To the impressive list of Speakers Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC, Artiona Bogo, Blockchain Developer and Evangelist at SAP, and Ivan Liljeqvist, a famous Blockchain-YouTuber with over 173,000 subscribers.

Source: The Block Show Europe

The speakers addressed various topics, including the transformative potential of the Blockchain for IoT, AI, Cybersecurity and many other areas. With the amount of Know-how on the block show was in fact the “best place for Blockchain Business” to connect his product to a broad audience.

We also Paranoid Internet have involved

With the aim to familiarize yourself with some of the key figures in the industry, also took part Paranoid Internet as an Exhibitor at the conference.

On behalf of the Paranoid Internet Team Nik Dumroese, Chris Franke, Nuria Gimeno, Bailey Keogh and the CEO and founder of the company, Dennis Weidner. The Team had the opportunity to interact with many people from the Blockchain-industry inter – both with investors as well as project managers. Through these meaningful conversations, they were able to get a global impression of the Blockchain Economy.

On the Paranoid Internet were also “Mini-Bitcoins”, which had on the back the Logo of the C3 Crypto Conference, Paranoid Internet’s annual conference.

Something explained in more detail:

Paranoid Internet-organized the first annual C3 Crypto conference in the STATION-Berlin at the beginning of this year. The aim of the event was, both for beginners as well as experts from the industry sustainable value to offer. The two-day conference turned out to be a great success and more than 2500 participants, 50 speakers and 70 exhibiting companies was visited.

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