Oops, Victoria confuses fellow with the American actress

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Victoria Beckham didn’t make a best impression in the gym in LA. When she made her compatriot, actress Thandie Newton and met confused her with an American actress.

Maybe it is time for a real pair of glasses, Victoria!

That tells Thandie Newton in The Graham Norton Show. The former Spice Girl would make her for her six-year-younger fellow actress Zoe Saldana. Then came Newton gradually behind, when Victoria, which they do more often at SoulCycle in Los Angeles affected had, during a conversation about cows and calves suddenly remarked: ’I find it so cool that you sport, while you are pregnant’. To which Newton replied: “My baby is already a few months old.”

But even then, saw Victoria it was her fault. So decided the Westworld-star hair, but directly from the dream, to help. “‘Do you think I Zoe Saldana?”, I asked her. Then she felt visibly ashamed.”

But the British Newton was able to show myself to laugh. “It was okay, Zoe is an exceptional beauty. But seriously, so close? Come on. Moreover, I am British!”

Victoria Beckahm thought with Zoe Saldana (l.) to talk, but it was Thandie Newton (r.)

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