Nick and Kevin are the biggest names Grillmasters of Flanders

After an exciting battle against the sisters Ineke and Sofie from East-Flanders, may Nick and Kevin now the biggest names Grillmasters of Flanders. The best friends Nick Van Hoof (31) from Antwerpen, and Kevin Kegeleers (33) from Hoogstraten knew the jury also in the final, again to surprise you with their original dishes. The adventure of Grillmasters should there then good for Nick and Kevin, but the friends douse their barbecue certainly not yet. The biggest names Grillmasters of Flanders to come up with a book ‘Salt on the Fire”, and an eponymous culinary BBQ program in June to see FOUR and FOUR.BE. With their practical tips, personal experiences, and accessible recipes you can easily all grillend to get started. A good flame and a pinch of salt, that’s all you need for a successful barbecue evening around our experience with the tasty recipes from Nick and Kevin.

aarenboven open Nick & Kevin this year a restaurant in Antwerp.

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