New boy band Storm 3 sing against trans – and homophobia

June, July and August are in Europe for the LGBT community known as the gay pride months. Especially for the occasion, brings the Belgian-Dutch boy band STORM 3 therefore, the single ‘That’s My Girl’. A typical boybandnummer that, remarkably enough, about girl power and that focuses mainly to the LGBT movement and, in particular, transgender people. “Music is a universal language that all layers of the population reached. Only is there in the music industry is still a little too much emphasis laid to the heteronorm in our society which themes such as’gay love’, ‘transsexualism’ and ‘gender equality’ are rarely discussed,” explains Patrick la Lau, a singer with the three-band STORM 3, from.

The figures of rising homofobiemeldingen in Belgium to prove that not everyone is equally tolerant to the LGBT community. This can also be inferred from the shocking figures with respect to homoacceptatie that a few weeks ago by the Belgian government was published. This large study was titled “living together in Diversity’. Also recorded by the police ten years ago, 34 facts of homophobic violence. In 2016, there were no less than 185. Also gelijkekansencentrum Unia keeps figures. Ten years ago, it was about 92 reports of homophobic hate crime, in 2016 there were 227 notifications within. Finally got also Mister Gay Belgium, Jamie Blieck, VTM-journalist Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck and the fashion company Suitsupply this year all to do with homophobia.

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