Naomi van As and Ellen Hoog scoring 665.000 viewers

The new program, Ellen and Naomi, 24 hours mandekking’s Wednesday night looking at 665.000 people. That it appears from the figures of Foundation for sight examination.

Naomi van As and Ellen Hoog

Old-hockeysters Ellen Hoog and Naomi van As to form a new presentatieduo on SBS6. In 24 hours mandekking they go a long day on the road with a male BN. In the first broadcast ran for the duo with André Hazes, they visited a karaoke bar.

The NOS Journaal 20: 00 hours was Wednesday, the only program with more than a million viewers. In total knew the news bulletin 1.4 million viewers to attract. After the journal looked 941.000 people on NPO 1 to DNA is unknown, that the best watched program on primetime.

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