Motion of censure against the government Rajoy has tomorrow probably majority in parliament

Today, during the debates in the Spanish parliament about the future of the government Rajoy, revealed that the Basques are prepared to make the motion of censure, which the socialists have submitted to support. Tomorrow is the vote.

In the Spanish parliament, the Basque party PNV her aid pledged to the motion of censure that the socialist party PSOE has filed against the minority government of prime minister Rajoy (Partido Popular).

That means that the socialists, plenty of other parties have found it to be, tomorrow, when the motion is voted by a majority to achieve. 180 of the 350 members of parliament would be the socialist leader Pedro Sánchez to support and then the government of prime minister Rajoy to resign.

The Basques had, earlier this month, prime minister Rajoy promised that he extra resources for their autonomous region would be free. Sánchez said that he is that event will fulfill, if he is the new prime minister of Spain would be.

If the minority government of Mariano Rajoy is indeed tomorrow, will the new premier probably the socialist Pedro Sanchez, who may be the rest of the government in power will remain.

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