Monique Klemann learned Victor Reinier kissing

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Actor Victor Reinier was taught at the age of sixteen kissing of female singer Monique Klemann. The Flikken Maastricht-actor was as a teenager very clumsy with girls, he reveals in an interview about his time in high school.

Victor Reinier

“I knew how I friends with them, but dating? I really did not know what I had. I only thought: soon, should I put them to bed,” says Victor to the Volkskrant. “Actually, Monique Klemann, singer of Lois Lane, that changed. That put me when I was sixteen, against the wall and started me to kiss. When I’m a bit out of my shell crawl.”

The dyslexic scholar, destroying six secondary schools in Amsterdam. “How difficult read, even for me, that struggle with words has also been very helpful”, says Reinier back. “I am nimble with language, because if you use words you don’t understand search, you can also find always eight synonyms. Of all the things I have the benefit now that I have scripts to write for Flikken Maastricht – also of the fact that I for science had to choose. Because a whodunit is a puzzeltje and there are those romantic alfa’s less good at it.”

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