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McAfee Redemption Unit: John McAfee is planning its own Fiat currency

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John McAfee brings another sweeping blow. With the McAfee Redemption Unit of the founders of the anti-virus program McAfee wants to offer an Alternative to Fiat currencies. The planned currency should be backed by crypto currencies. In addition, the planned currency includes a special promise for all those who want to meet the entrepreneur in person.

You can say about him, think and write what you want. But one thing must be him: the founder of The anti-virus program, McAfee knows how to columns in the News of the holding crypto world. First, he criticized Jamie Dimon for his statements regarding Bitcoin. Then he verwettete his best piece is the fact that the price of Bitcoin would have until the end of 2020, a value of 500,000 U.S. dollars. And so now the next big thing: The British-American entrepreneur announces its own Fiat currency.

With the”McAfee Redemption Unit” wants McAfee to 25. June an Alternative to current payment systems offer. So he wants currencies of the in his opinion of banks-led “war against Crypto”. The McAfee Coin is supposed to work exactly opposite to the current System. The value of its currency to be driven by crypto-currencies.

Very many of the Details are so far not known. Accordingly, he writes in his Tweet: “The ‘McAfee Redemption Unit’ is real and is coming in 26 days. The graphics have a low resolution – I don’t want to reveal too much. It is printed on currency paper with Holographen on both sides. The Certificates are serialized, with the Blockchain connected, redeemable, convertible and collectable“. The Bank notes should look like:

The particular promise behind the McAfee Redemption Unit

Another extremely interesting Detail: Who owns the currency, it is allowed to meet with John McAfee personally. Who shows up in the Redemption-office, in Mexico, between 13 and 15 PM with a McAffee Redemtion Unit, has the right to meet with McAfee. The length of the meeting depends, then, ultimately, of how much the Redemption of Units of “value”.

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