Loek Peters saw the sparks on the asphalt, store

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Loek Peters, who participated in the Tour du AS, the lightning ten meters away, see go: “I saw the sparks on the asphalt store and I still have a ringing in my ears from here to Tokyo,” he explains, ” at the foot of the Mont Ventoux.

The Tour du AS, in which 450 participants to focus attention on the incurable disease by the Mont Ventoux climb, had to go through a severe weather event be shortened. It has the organization, according to Loek Peters a lot of tears it has cost to decide, but everyone remained in spite of the disappointment is very, very positive, ” he says.

“There are patients here who for months has worked hard to have trained and know that they are there next year to try again.” The Penoza-actor finds that positivity, despite the disappointment very special. He stands behind the decision of the organization, it was a perilous journey: “We are here to save lives and not to have the guts to propose.”

For the top

Despite the disappointment, he thinks that next year even more people will get involved: “in any case, everyone gets that this year has participated, next year the top try to pick up.” Itself has Been a half a year long, three times per week on the bike, the trip fell to him to say bad.

He says especially anyone grateful to have it sponsored and supported. The Tour du AS did this year a record number of CELEBRITIES, among whom Monic Hendrickx and the cast of Doctor Deen: Leopold White, Lisa Smit and Geert Lageveen. Markoesa Hamer, Pepijn Schoneveld, Liz Snoijink and Rian Gerritsen went running up the mountain.

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