Koen Vijverman surprised with single

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Musical Flanders is a new musical duo richer. And what for one: Leg&Vijverman. Former Family-actor Koen Vijverman deposit, together with his companion Kristof Leg fully on the music. The duo already has a cabaretverleden together, but sees now the time is ripe for their first English single in Flanders to let them go. The song is called ‘Live It’, an ode to their children, and is available from today on iTunes and Spotify. The video clip is last weekend already included in Haaltert, with actor Anton Cogen in the lead role, and is very soon expected.

Kristof and Koen met each other almost 20 years ago on the school desks. It quickly became clear that together they music wanted to make. ‘The seed was twenty years ago, planted, our friendship was forged, musically, there was immediately a match and our fun was over everything.’, pokes Koen Vijverman from the shore.

Driven by a passion for music, were Koen and Kristof ten years as the eccentric cabaretgroep Sale-Ami on the shelves. ‘In our cabaret we combined our unconditional love for music, with our equally unconditional love for humor. Sometimes absurd, but is especially fond of. And we have Sale-Ami actually all corners of Flanders, to know. This was for our “Life”.’, continues Kristof Leg.
Their professional ambition ensured that they become less nights free had to go play with their band. Kristof Leg is active as a producer/television producer of programs such as “Farmer seeks wife”, “Pieces of People”, “Help, my husband is a handyman” and “All Chris”. Koen Vijverman was as an actor to admire, among more Family, Coppers, Zone, city, etc., and is connected to The Fakkeltheater. There was more in there at the home Leg and to the house Vijverman place for expansion. “And then began “The Life” really. We each got two children and our instruments had to make way for a luiertafel. Yet your music is not forever on pause. Our children are finally out of the pampers and we have to hurry for we one need. That seed of when will absolutely continue to grow. And so depressed at the beginning of 2018 back together on ‘Play’ and was Leg&Vijverman born.’, according to the duo.

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