Koeman: ‘such As Orange started, that can not be’

Coach Ronald Koeman had to sit verbijten during the first phase of the duel of Orange (1-1) in Slovakia.

Ronald Koeman

“I have in the rest, nothing is thrown and not reviled, but as the match started, that’s not possible”, said the trainer across from Veronica. “We had too little aggression, walked behind the facts and could not put pressure on Slovakia. And also in possession of the ball we were not good.”

System is not the problem

Koeman found that Orange had difficulty with the role of captain Marek Hamsik when the Slovaks played. “The system was not the problem, because the second half we did it with the same system well. We went for rest to far backward. In the second half went the backs directly on the backs of the counterparty, instead of backward walking.”

It was Koeman that he that the players in the peace and quiet needed to offer. “I would have preferred it to be in the field faster, was fixed in place of that of the side af should come, but well, here we learn again of. Fortunately, it is also not everything, because we have come a long way.”

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