John Terra disappointed in Tom Waes

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Striking message on Facebook from John Terra. The singer looked to Van Gils & Guests Tuesday and was to say that faced with blatant lies. “Very disappointed about the remarks of Tom Waes in the program Of Gils: blatant lies!”, John wrote Terra Wednesday night on Facebook. What is going on? Well, Tuesday was Tom Waes is one of the praatgasten in Van Gils & Guests. Tom Waes was included in the program to discuss his new single. That is a reworking of his summer hit of 2010: Dos Cervezas on the occasion of the world cup in Russia decided Waes a new version and there is nothing wrong with that. The success of its Dos Cervezas, he was, according to Tom Waes in 2010, not everyone is awarded. “There were some that made me not even hand wanted to give,” said Tom Waes. “We came together when at schlageroptredens. John Terra did not want hand and at that moment, the great Will Tura in and walked right up to me and said, ” Tom, I have yesterday with my grandson danced, it was blessed”, responds Tom Waes.
According to John, there is of that story nothing is true.

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