John Goodman is silent to question Roseanne does not even make things worse

Actor John Goodman seems to be the abrupt end of the comedyserie Roseanne not so very to find. “The series would still be no Emmy win”, responds the American actor on the decision of the broadcaster ABC to pull the plug after a racist tweet from his tegenspeelster Roseanne Barr.

John Goodman

The reboot of the series Roseanne would next Sunday be presented to members of the TV Academy, that determine which series to be nominated for the upcoming edition of the Emmy’s. John Goodman reacts shrugging that he is not more to the promotion day. “I’ve been there a time or eleven, so be it.”

John Goodman, that in the series Roseannes husband Dan Conner plays, had not yet responded to the commotion that arose after her offensive tweet about Valerie Jarrett, former advisor of ex-president Obama. “I better not say anything more to avoid problems,” says the 65-year-old actor at Entertainment Tonight. On the question of what he will do now that the second season of Roseanne has been cancelled, he replied: “Everything is going well.”


Roseanne itself continues to incessantly tweet about the issue. In one of her recent tweets, among them John Goodman and actress Laurie Metcalf. “I would wish that ABC this best actors of the world are not with me in the lane had sent. I’m sick of it, they will never be better karakteracteurs on their network.”

The Us president, Donald Trump has also responded to the decision by ABC. He goes in on the news that Bob Iger, ceo of Disney which owns ABC network, first, Valerie Jarrett had called before Roseanne to inquire about her resignation. “Wow,” said Trump. “He has me, never called to apologize for the terrible statements on the ABC about me. I may have his phone call missed?”

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