Jennifer Garner mentions chicken to himself

A week after she followers had asked her to think about a name for one of her new chickens, is Jennifer Garner decision came. The them was named after the actress and now by life as Hennifer.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer revealed the name of the chicken Wednesday on Instagram. They told not to or they Hennifer self-invented or a suggestion of a follower, has been adopted. The name seems to come from the tradition in which Hollywoodkoppels by fans a stelletjesnaam get fitted. So were Jennifer and her ex Ben Affleck during their marriage, often Bennifer called.

Hennifer is one of the eight new chickens to the actress. Last month she made known that her previous ’huiskip’ had died. This Regina George, named after the character from the movie Mean Girls, popped up regularly on the social media of Jennifer. So she shared a snapshot in which she Regina George on a belt uitliet in the neighborhood.

The actress lives in Los Angeles, but has, in interviews, often told in the rural life of her youth to miss. She wants to daughters Violet (12) and Seraphina (6) and son Samuel (6) are to give with a chicken coop, vegetable garden and even bee-hives in the backyard.

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