Japanese whalers killing pregnant whales

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Japanese whalers during their recent hunt in the Antarctic, more than 120 pregnant minke whales killed. According to a Japanese report to the International whaling commission (IWC).

Of the total of 333 geharpoeneerde marine mammals there were 122 pregnant. The whalers were in march with the target number of minke whales from the Antarctic returned. The animals are despite their relatively small size, minke whales are only up to ten metres long – to the great whale species. Officially, they are the Japanese killed for ‘scientific purposes’. Japan wants commercial whaling of large whales again admitted. But that is, since 1986, prohibited.

It is not the first time that among the captured whales many pregnant animals. Two years ago, when the whalers even though 333 minke whales in the Antarctic had been massacred, there were even more than 200 pregnant females under the catch. That gave the department of Fisheries at that time. International animal rights activism to express sharp criticism on the attitude of Japan.

Tokyo relies on an exception in the IWC convention allowing whales for scientific research may be put to death. The International criminal Court had, in 2014, the scientific catches by Japan suspended. Then slankte Tokyo are walvisprogramma. Over the past 25 years, Japanese whalers, more than 10,000 large whales killed in the Antarctic waters as part of their internationally controversial research program.

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