Indian media is going with the buttocks exposed

Are media companies willing to take in exchange for money and political messages in their coverage of smuggling? In India could be a undercoverjournalist almost all major mediahuizen to ‘deals’ entice. Pure propaganda and even religious groups against each other to set up: it turned out all to purchase.

Recently on the website of the prestigious platform for investigative journalism, ‘Cobrapost’, a dozen videos that are recorded with a spycam. They show how managers, ceos and owners …

Recently on the website of the prestigious platform for investigative journalism, ‘Cobrapost’, a dozen videos that are recorded with a spycam. They show how managers, ceos and owners of Indian media groups allow themselves to be bribe by a reporter Pushp Sharma. That does always the same story: he is the owner of a rich ashram (religious organization) that the hindoenationalistische BJP party of prime minister Modi to the power. Next year there are elections in India. Is it possible to hindoenationalistische message to the man to bring? After saying all mediahuizen. Many are even beginning to negotiate directly on price, payment method and communication strategy. Cash in hand, the rest of the money would be hidden as ‘gifts’.

“We went to talk with marketers and managers’

The affair, known as Operation 136’, because India on the international 136ste place in terms of press freedom. Independent news sites as a Scroll and The Wire are not involved. But classic tv channels (India Today), radio stations and several major newspapers (The Times of India, The New Indian Express) are covered in the survey.

The images show 18 times the greed of the people in management positions. “We have no journalists approached, because they can do it in the current context does not allow,” said Cobrapost founder Aniruddha Bahal against The Huffington Post India. “We went to talk with verkoopsmensen, the top management and owners. We have months of work to be had.” None of the marketers or managers, seems to understand something of the journalistic principles in the companies that owned them. Only at the India Today Group shielded manager Kallie Puri even faintly with the words editorial freedom. In the meantime her colleagues from the financial management of all their agreement hinted.

The media groups were in the meantime already with summary statements. They deny that they have done something wrong. The Times of India wrote that she Cobrapost itself ‘deliberately’ in the fall, wanted to lure to the scammer to be caught and his true intentions to discover’. Cobrapost mentions that malicious nonsense. “The camera has mechanically registered, and we have the research supervised.’ Cobrapost is not the first the best. The founders have experience with such operations and put all of various scandals exposed, which also means that bankers and politicians were persecuted

“What in Gujarat happened, it was right’

In the movies get the mediamoguls all the same question: could she hindutva (or the far-right hindoenationalistische ideology) to promote? In a first step, asked Sharma to religious content (“the words of Krishna or stories from the mythological epic Bhagvad Gita’). A second step was to political competitors to attack. Finally, it was also explicitly asked to incendiary speeches by hardline hindoenationalisten to send out. Often set up against muslims, a significant minority in India. Especially that willingness to intrareligieuze tensions pokers, is remarkable. “They were prepared messages to publish to the public polariseerden along religious lines,’ says Cobrapost.

The mediahuizen even came up with specific methods: advertorials, paid news, ‘special supplements’, contests, jingles, links to Facebook and Youtube pages. Some respondents also appear to agree with the agenda of the hindoenationalisten. In this way, But Mahajan, manager of radiostration Fever 104, know that ” what happened in Gujarat happened, it was just’. At the hindoenationalisten opgepookte riots of 2002 died at least 2,000 muslims in Gujarat.

Meanwhile, try some mediahuizen Cobrapost to force to the movies from the internet. But on social media the news press shared. Finally, there is also controversy about the online payment company Paytm. Paytm would, according to Cobrapost, data about certain users have shared with the government after the riots in the rebellious province of Kashmir. The company denies that. The case is now known as the Indian equivalent of the Cambridge Analytica affair.

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