High North-Korean will dine with minister USA

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NEW YORK – The American minister Mike Pompeo (Foreign Affairs) on Wednesday in New York dined with the North Korean ^ Kim Yong-chol. The men left after about an hour and a half without details about what is discussed.

Pompeo shared photos of the encounter on Twitter. To see how the attendees laughing all the glass lifting. The minister spoke about a useful meeting and announced that ,,steak, corn and cheese” on the menu were. He sits out Thursday, is expected to be back at the table with Kim, the vice-president of the North Korean Central Committee.

The United States want the North Koreans their nuclear programme to dismantle. A high employee of the Us ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Washington is “a historic” commitment requires Pyongyang and something ,,never has been done”.

From the current consultations between the countries should make it clear whether North Korea is willing to seriously talk about denuclearization, said the source. The Americans see that as a condition for a meeting between president Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

The source said that Trump is prepared for more than a day in Singapore, provided that the outcome of the consultation is sufficiently promising. The president had previously promised Kim there on 12 June to meet, but said that appointment later because of the huge anger and open hostility” from the corner of Pyongyang.

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