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Fusion: the future of the crypto-Ecosystem through a smart trade?

Fusion is a public Blockchain, which wants to create through the provision of cross-company and data cross-Smart Contracts, a Crypto-Finance platform.

Was developed in the Blockchain, under the direction of DJ Qian, the Creator of QTUM and VeChain. These crypto-secured currencies has been a solid place among the top 20 capital most crypto-currencies.

The company behind Fusion is a non-profit organization based in Singapore.
The Token of the merger of the FSN and is currently # 82 of the 100 largest crypto-currencies, based on market capitalization.

What you are trying to solve Fusion now? Tried the isolation of block chains suspend a financial ecosystem to build on the Blockchain.

Since the creation of Bitcoin new block chains will appear for each application. Each of the Blockchain contains a private Ecosystem, Islands of block chains.

As far as the development of the individual block chains is not based on the same scripting language, there is little inter-connectivity between the different Blockchains. As a result, the asset / Token is rather centralized and hermetically sealed to the outside sealed off, only in their own Ecosystem applicable, although the decentralisation is the focus.
Here’s where Fusion comes in: the aim of the exchange of one currency without exchange.

The Fusion Blockchain solves the problem of Interoperability by cross-cutting, cross-company and data across Smart Contracts and API Tools (Application Programming Interface: application programming interface) for any kind of crypto currency, so an immediate exchange can take place. First four tokens are supported: BTC, ETH , ERC20, and USDT.

Any crypto currency can be stored on the Fusion-Blockchain mapped / / and a Smart Contract is completed to be stored, with each crypto-currency traded and with the help of which you can see on the Blockchain to interact.

For example, can be sent to the Fusion Blockchain any Token to the Fusion-Smart-Contract. This can then be immediately converted into any crypto-currency, which is mapped to the Fusion Blockchain. Using Atomic-Swaps-free this runs lightning fast and fees.

The Fusion Protocol does not, however, only APIs for crypto currencies, but also for Off-Chain-values and sources of data that can be mapped on the Fusion Blockchain. Each centralized or decentralized organization, Blockchain-Community, dApp-developers or individuals to a new world of crypto Finance contribute to the Fusion Blockchain.

The average block time for Fusion is 15 seconds, which is not supported theoretically 2000 to 3000 TPS (transactions per second).

Fusion provides on the way to a broad financial ecosystem a couple of interesting technologies: The Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) for the protection of the Private Keys: Private Keys for each crypto-currency of the Fusion and the Blockchain are not stored in one place, but distributed throughout the whole network. The Keys are split into many nodes are stored. This is to prevent an attacker gains control of the private Key, by conquering a node.

Atomic Swaps: Atomic Swaps are used in the Lightening of the Network. With the help of Assets (assets) can be of two different block chains like Bitcoin and Litecoin, will be replaced. The transaction is immediate and can not unlimited to be scaled up, as it runs on the public Blockchain.

The Fusion used consensus algorithm HHCM (Hierarchical Hybrid Consensus Mechanism), prevents a Few of the clubs have the Power. The Fusion has implemented the Blockchain, both the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of – Stake protocols, in order to reach a consensus over the entire Blockchain.

Fusion works with Off-chain data Support (data support). The memory data on the main block chain are expensive. This Fusion provides a private API-Tool to Store data outside of the main chain, thereby reducing costs and block size can be reduced. Developers need to use any other storage or databases.

Fusion is an interesting but still very young project, its potential to develop and in the near future.

At the time of writing the price per FSN is 5,93 dollars and a market capitalization on $ 176 million.

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White paper: read Here

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