Fines of zero euro massively sent

Brussels – Belgian justice appears to be the last weeks traffic fines around to adjust where you are happy. Or is it actually not.

Belgians get a reminder as soon as possible zero euro.

Who too quickly has ridden in the south, now receive a voucher to immediately zero euro. And if you do not, within ten days, is doing, threatens an increase.

That bizarre message was Wilfried Vandaele, mep for N-VA, in the bus. The man was in his place of residence The Cock flashed because he is after correction 51 reed instead of 50. And that was 53 euros in costs. “Not more than right, because I drove to fast”, he says to The Newspaper. “So I have that paid immediately.”

Still, he got to his own surprise, a little while later, a reminder in the bus for the same penalty. One for zero euro. “This is really kafkaiaans.”

Justice in Belgium, says at the height of the zero-euro fines. Spokesman Edward Landtsheere: “Supposedly it goes to a childhood illness. It is certainly not an isolated case. Several citizens were given such a recall. And that makes for confusion for the people.”

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