Fifty taliban killed in Us operation in Afghanistan

The U.s. army has a fifty talibanstrijders killed in an operation aimed against the people responsible for an earlier attack on the provincial capital, Farah. That is, the commander of U.s. and NATO troops in Afghanistan on Wednesday announced.

The Afghan army and Us forces pushed the talibanstrijders back from Farah, and chased them, said general John Nicholson. The taliban retreated into their stronghold in southern Helmand.

On may 24, they were spotted in a building known as a command center of the taliban in the town of Musa Qala. “It was a group of military leaders, who were gathered about the operation in Farah which they had participated,’ according to the general. “Our intelligence services allowed the group to identify and successfully attack.’

According to the American general, the group was also involved in drug trafficking.

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