Fans of Family look forward to marriage

5fd75f0e9d8b9aa243c0165afacd7713 - Fans of Family look forward to marriage

Thursday night celebrated Stefanie and Ayo their vrijgezellenavond and Friday, get the couple tied the knot. Or not. Ayo got Thursday night a mysterious phone call, after which he went to his own vrijgezellenavond decided to leave. Got Ayo a phone call from the human traffickers that he previously had contact or was he an order forgotten to pick up? If you with the preparations of a marriage are working, then dare you all something to forget. Surely if a marriage that made them be organized. Stefanie definitely wanted with Ayo get married so to avoid that he expelled will be. Or does Ayo just cold feet? Nothing of all this, Ayo received a phone call with the message that his family is safe. Ayo is very happy but this threatens the impending marriage between him and Stefanie in the water to fall. In any case, Stefanie is ready to take the big step, she has last-minute still it was a great trouwkleed gotten hold. But Ayo still want to get married? He gives Stephanie her way and marry it Friday as planned? Anyway, there is some romance in the Family. Not between Véronique and Mathias. The kiss of Wednesday, it was a mistake, Véronique has no feelings more for the man with whom she eleven months ago married.

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