Family ceo Korean Air again discredited

SEOUL – prosecutors in South Korea has a warrant of arrest issued against the wife of ceo Cho Yang-ho of Korean Air. According to justice, the 69-year-old Lee Myung-hee for the past seven years, several times heavy to misbehave towards staff and her position abused.

Ceo Cho Yang-ho of Korean Air.

So got a guard with a pair of pruning shears to his head is thrown because the door wouldn’t have monitored, reported news agency Yonhap. A driver was middle on the street a few kicks of the roaring Lee because he was a mistake would have made.

Construction workers who worked on a hoteluitbreiding were unclear reason, yelled at and insulted. Justice has seven charges against the woman have been formulated.

Lee Myung-hee, the wife of ceo Cho Yang-ho, has severely misbehave towards staff members.

It is not the first time that the family of ceo Cho negative in the news. Daughter Cho Hyun-ah was previously imprisoned because they delay caused by in an airplane to complain about improperly served nuts. That did she so persistently that Korean Air is the device allowed to return to the gate.

Cho Hyun-ah complained about the wrong nuts.

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