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F1-race, Miami is threatened by lawsuits?

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With Miami, there must be a second American race on the F1 calendar. It seems but a formality but already prepare the city and the organizers for the proceedings of the inhabitants.

“I was there during the heyday of the Miami Grand Prix and we are going with this grand event is a disruption on the plane of sound and accessibility, and that thousands of residents,” says director Joe Carollo. “There are going to be lawsuits, and I can tell you that there are lawsuits won will be.”

The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, is also concerned about the possible lawsuits that may follow, though he believes that the city will try to keep disruption to a minimum.

“The residents of the city are our bosses,” said Suarez during a conversation with ‘’. “We have to take into account their concerns.”

“The two major associations of homeowners in the area have already been some concerns expressed, however, they have also said that this is good for us. I think this is a positive start.”

“It happens regularly that residents are initially against something, but that they are open to work together with the promoters or other stakeholders. I think that’s positive.”

“From what I have so far seen of the promoters, I notice that they are aware of the impact on residents and businesses. They are going to listen to them and work hard to ensure that everyone is satisfied can be made.”

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