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EOS Mainnet Launch should not shift as a result of errors in the log

7962239572f7bd07322e4f78bd4914f9 - EOS Mainnet Launch should not shift as a result of errors in the log

Recently, code of the EOS have been discovered in the a source of great vulnerability, and were a possible displacement of the Mainnets in view, so that these can be eliminated. The developers of EOS make clear, however, that everything should be on time, start without any delay.

The team of developers of the EOS occurs closed and that the recently discovered “epic will lead” in the source code of the project to release the Software on time.

The developer criticized in some E-mail messages from public media, which reported that the discovered security vulnerability, which will allow, according to the researchers, an attacker in control of all network-connected nodes, would delay the publication of the Mainnets.

The Team continues to be that many Bugs were fixed and the Team is working hard to fix all the other errors.

According to Chinese security company Qihoo 360, which discovered the vulnerability first, you could receive a potential attacker the control over the network and all Nodes, when an infected Smart Contract would be completed. It would then manipulate only possible transactions, but also to use the Node as a Botnet or to launch a Cyber attack.

Directly after the EOS developer team found out the weak point, fixte Daniel Larimer, EOS Developer, the weak spot, so that there are according to the developers, no reason why the Launch of the Mainnets should move.

Regardless of whether the vulnerability has been completely eliminated, it is important the EOS for the new network to register, or to store them on an Exchange, which supports the Migration complete.

The price of the EOS, at least within the last 24 hours, unfazed by any rumours and is moving sideways and is at the time of writing at a price of $ 12.36.

We are excited and hope that the Migration can be delivered on time and without problems to take place.

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