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Dossevi pulls door Standard final behind close

e9be69ff1387309750dafe8442336b3f - Dossevi pulls door Standard final behind close

Mathieu Dossevi (30) returns next season, not back to Standard. FC Metz decided to take up the purchase option on the French-Togolese midfielder to light up and takes him to the final, so let the Rouches Thursday know.

“We would like to thank Matthieu for all that he is our club has instilled and wish him every success in the further course of his pro career”, says the.

Dossevi got in August 2017, on a rental basis from Standard to Metz. He was there in 30 matches played well for a goal and eleven assists. Metz ended the competition as the twentieth and last and relegated to Ligue 2.

Dossevi region in september 2015 down in Liège, after which he quickly grew into a fixed value. With the Rouches won the Togolese international in 2016, the Cup of Belgium.

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