Donald Trump wants pardon for Martha Stewart

2850f2092ceb3546df8e8513afd95286 - Donald Trump wants pardon for Martha Stewart

Donald Trump is considering to make use of its power to a number of people grace to grant. One of the lucky ones would be the tv homemaker Martha Stewart, who in 2004 to five months in jail because of false statements about a dubious share transaction in 2001. That report Deadline.

“I think that Martha Stewart to some extent hard and unjustly was treated,” said Trump against reporters in the presidential plane on the way to Texas. Also the former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagejovich, would, according to the president for clemency are eligible. The democrat Blagojevich is, since 2012, a term of imprisonment of 14 years for corruption. He offered the former senaatszetel of Barack Obama in exchange for money or favors.

Stewart and Blagojevich both have a relationship with Trump. Stewart made in 2006 The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, a spin-off of Trump’s television show The Celebrity Apprentice. And Blagojevich in 2010 was a guest in the program of Trump.

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