Denmark prohibits the full veil in public space

The Danish parliament has Thursday passed a law banning the wearing of a full islamic veil (burqa or nikab) in public space forbids.

Anyone who has a garment bears that face hides in the public space, can be fined. There are also balaclavas, skimaskers that the face cover up, and fake beards under. There is an exception made for beschermingsmaskers and winterkledij such as scarves and costumes and masks for carnival or Halloween.

The law was adopted with 75 votes for and 30 votes against, and shall take effect on 1 August in effect.Who is a first time caught, risks a fine of 1,000 Danish krone (134,37 euro). Then the fines, up to 10,000 Danish kroner.

In Danish politics, there was disagreement on the law, even within the centre-right minority government. So were the members of parliament from the Liberal Alliance, free to vote, but the members of the government of the party had to ‘for’ votes. The social democrats, the main opposition party, and the right-populist Danish people’s Party, which gedoogsteun delivers to the minority government, voted for the law.

The ban follows Denmark the example of countries such as Belgium, France and Austria. France was the first country to gezichtsbedekking to prohibit in a public space in 2011. In Germany, Bulgaria and Austria, a partial ban on the wearing of the full veil in certain circumstances.

According to a report from 2010 contributed to 200 women in Denmark (a country of 5.7 million inhabitants) is a veil over the entire face.

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