Danes do burqa ban

3ce5e14033df6443e87c3f22ffcd1890 - Danes do burqa ban

COPENHAGEN – On the street walking with gezichtsbedekking such as a burqa and nikab are from August prohibited in Denmark. The Danish parliament voted Thursday in a ban.

The rule also applies to under other masks, helmets and namaakbaarden that the face is too much to cover. Someone on the street is caught, the first time a fine of 135 euros. That runs on to 1350 euro for the fourth time. Exceptions are there for a scarf in cold weather, and a mask with carnival.

Someone that the ban ignores, the covering on the street not to take off. After payment of the fine is the one to house conducted. Denmark is not the first country in Europe with such a prohibition. Similarly, France, Belgium, Austria and Copenhagen.

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