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ConsenSys brings Kaleido AWS

1ccbe7660294a5f522d4a2eaa51dfc3c - ConsenSys brings Kaleido AWS

ConsenSys is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a new Blockchain-Business solution based on the Clound called Kaleido. Kaleido aims to simplify the development and management of private Blockchain networks dramatically.


Many companies want to work with a Blockchain networks, however, difficulties with the development of production networks. Operating a network requires a shared IT infrastructure between all participating parties, which can be difficult and expensive. Some of the early beginners have spent years trying to write your own Code to move only to the project in the end or cancel.

In the case of Kaleido is the first service-Software-deal with Ethereum network packages such as Geth (private company-block chains) and Quorum (financial services).

Other new aspects include the connection between private networks and the public Ethereum main net, integrated analysis and support for multiple Protocol options and consensus mechanisms.

The platform is running on AWS and provides clients with the ability to connect seamlessly with other popular AWS Services, and reduce the cost of real-world projects, often complex integrations require.

The private chain is continuously anchored by means of the public chain by Kaleido Relay, as a result, a company’s network can enjoy the benefits of a decentralised data-security.

The anchoring can be carried out automatically at regular check-points to deliver in all the transactions of a larger “proof of settlement finality”, and, if required, for specific events, such as a specific high-quality trade.


ConsenSys was founded by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum,. The organization develops, advises and publishes decentralized applications, Ethereum. It is also a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a group consisting of more than 500 companies that want to make sure that Ethereum can serve the specific Requirements of the company.

“The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a large and vibrant community,” said Ron Resnick, Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. “ConsenSys and AWS come together to deliver an Enterprise Ethereum Service of the next Generation.

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