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Circle Invest plans to “Invest for all”

Circle acquired the crypto-exchange Robinhood in February and has recently published a crypto-currency-Investment-App called Circle Invest, which stock market works in a similar way as the Robinhood -. “Invest in currencies, in Crypto, even if you are completely new at this.”

Circle Invest

“This is Invest for all. It is very easy crypto to buy assets or to sell. Imagine it as crypto without the Cryptic.“

Currently, they offer seven of the best crypto-currencies and promises that more are on the way: Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. Both Circle Invest in Robinhood, users will not have your coins. For this reason, the Trades are executed immediately.

This is in contrast to a platform such as Coinbase, where users withdrawals can be made. Coinbase charged fees and while the others do not do both of these. Circle Invest also offers a “all the coins in a tip” Option. This tells your Fiat investment automatically on all supported coins. The investment is weighted according to market capitalization.

New Form of money

“We at Circle want to use Blockchain technologies to connect more people in more places. This means more access for all, and thus, a more inclusive world economy.“

Adding that Circle Invest acquired the long-standing crypto-exchange Poloniex a few months ago. Furthermore, the company increased the minimum trade amount of Circle Trade at $500,000 dollars, or about 70 BTC.

Circle Trade

This is Circle’s global OTC trading Desk, which processes, supposedly around $2 billion dollars per month. This liquidity is the fuel that makes your other exchange platforms.

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