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Chinese study: Blockchain projects to survive in the cut just under a year

A Chinese study attests to the global Blockchain projects with a low life expectancy of Just under 15 months, the average Blockchain survive. Furthermore, only eight percent of the world’s ongoing ventures are still active, a Report of the Academy for information and communication technologies CAICT. While the Blockchain-adaptation in the middle Kingdom is booming, calls for the Institute to more standardization, in order to secure the Survival of the projects.

Euphoria and Bust can be close together, this Blockchain get in the world-to feel firm. As the financial news Chinese Money Network reports, the average life span of a Distributed Ledger projects in only 15 months. This has been found in a study by the Chinese Academy for information and communication technologies CAICT. Thus, the average plan fails shortly after the infamous year hurdle.

According to the Chinese Ministry of information under the Institute are found only eight per cent of the 80,000 in the last few years launched projects still active today. Every Tenth had, by contrast, pulping his Blockchain-Tests.

For He Baohong, CAICT Director for the areas of Cloud Computing and Big Data Research, presented the findings of the study in this week, this is a reason for the world’s decisive vote.

“[These projects] are very fast, but quickly died. With this regard [need to increase] the governments worldwide in their efforts, joint Standards and the Blockchain projects in real life for application help“,

so He at the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2018 in Guizhou City.

As a further Central results of the CAICT study of global Blockchain-Trends, he cited assets on Monday the increasing flow of data and Crypto, as well as, more generally, the growth of digital currencies.

Blockchain Boom in China, the Standards are designed to ensure Survival

Currently the technology is experiencing a veritable Boom. To take advantage of the benefits of the Blockchain, had brought to a research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology in March, an Index on the path. With views of the domestic industry of these different Software should rate formats based on criteria of technology, applicability and Innovation. Safety and Standards should in the future ensure, however, especially the Survival of new projects.

“We have brought verifiable Blockchain-programs in China. And 200 private companies have to join interests. This will help the Blockchain technology and the industry to be more transparent and open“,

He praised the initiatives of the Ministry in Guizhou City.

Apart from this, the Blockchain is booming, especially in the book of Chinese banks. For example, the Bank of China has already filed in February, a Patent for the Blockchain scaling. In addition, the state Bank is currently trying to grab his development initiative for poverty moaning provinces under the arms. Just last week, a pilot project was run for the Himalayan Region of Tibet.

Blockchain-review: doomed To Failure?

While more and more Blockchain-Start-up-shoot-ups from the ground, grows, however, still criticism of the euphoric sentiment towards the technology.

As the recent vote against Wall-S treet-Analyst and Blockchain-Investor Spencer Bogart in this week’s currencies, the critical words, especially to Crypto. These have promising Potential, but are currently still below their potential. Therefore, the rate of Investments. Thus, Bogart adds to the long list of crypto and Blockchain-skeptics with his name to another member.

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