Child of Kirsten Johnson is dead

7eb6ead3cc7421618cedb4444fbdde1b - Child of Kirsten Johnson is dead

Again a heavy opdoffer for Kirsten Janssens, Limburg seasoning from The Sky is The Limit. Kirsten was already a few months pregnant, but it now appears that the child is not viable. Janssens was pregnant with her ex-fiance Koen Ambroos. They said a few weeks ago, that they the child would only have to raise it. “Here you lie then in my belly, for some time, lifeless, dear Annah, no one knew that you have a heart defect and had the feeling that you are now already a long time dead in my abdomen continues to live is very to the but I think and really believe that you simply can’t say goodbye to your mom can take it,” writes Janssens on Facebook.

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