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Chadli is not yet sure of a place at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS but relies on his trump card, Meunier aims “at least to semi-finals”

3c8c0c4b9144ed77b09182cf8c606813 - Chadli is not yet sure of a place at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS but relies on his trump card, Meunier aims “at least to semi-finals”

Nacer Chadli is one of the players who this week is still fighting for his place in the final selection of 23 players for the world cup. After a horrorseizoen at West Brom with three injuries and less than speelminuten he is already glad that he was at the pre-selection. “I for a moment feared.”

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99 minutes. That is the paltry number of speelminuten that Nacer Chadli after the new year on his counter. And yet he sits in the preliminary selection of Roberto Martinez. Because the Spaniard him so much. And because it’s three different positions you can play. “I have feared for there not to be,” said Chadli. “It was a very difficult season for me. I’ve had three knee injuries. Which two are the same. But I worked hard, I’m come back and now I’m glad I joined the 28 shortlisted am. Everyone has a chance to be in the 23. We have all well trained and Saturday there is the match against Portugal. Then we’ll see. It is in my advantage that I on different positions you can play.”

Chadli is especially in because he is on the two so-called ‘wingbacks’-positions are good matches played. “If I in the past have not performed well would have on the national team, I would be there now, not after such a season. But I am fit and ready for the world cup. You can be sure. The last few weeks I’ve been working very hard to be on the same level as the others that are up to fifty matches they have played this season.”

In England the rumors that Nacer Chadli after the world cup leaves at West Brom. “I have my last match with West Brom have played? No idea. I focus now on the match against Portugal. Then I will see if I can be part of the final group. I’ve told my broker said to me nothing about transferdossiers to say for the end of the world cup. During my holiday we’ll see where my future lies.”

Thomas Meunier aims “at least to the semi-finals”

Thomas Meunier wants, not about a possible world title talk, but is clear about his ambitions in Russia. “The semi-finals is an obligation,” he said during the press conference.

Thomas Meunier is on the verge of his first world cup. Four years ago in Brazil, he was still in Belgium for the television. In France, if he already had a taste of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and in the meantime, he is a certitude for the Red Devils. One with the right to speak, so. “The semi-final to reach is, for me, the big goal,” says Meunier. “It is now the time for this Belgian team. We have long been together with these guys. We have no choice. We must be during the world cup performance. That is almost an obligation. We have everything in hands to make something beautiful to perform.”

His team mate Maxwell in the Brazilian press said that Belgium is the surprise of the tournament. Thomas Meunier: “Maxwell is right, hey. He is a great voetbalkenner and I must be chauvinistic, hey (laughs). But seriously, we have a lot of quality and a good group. We were already in two quarter-finals. After this tournament, there is perhaps one more European championship with this group. Because guys like Vincent, Jan and Mousa will then be older.”

Meunier feels the last two years very well at the Red Devils. “I have heard that Romelu has said that I have the most progression I have made since Martinez’s coach. I thank him for (laughs). I feel good here with the national team. I have a different statute. I get a lot of freedom of Martinez, also offensive I can make my own way so I already have some goals and made assists.”

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